How you can support DASH

Volunteers are necessary to maintain the operation of the DASH drop-in. They may also be asked to assist with transport, and to take new guests to a host and introduce them to the person they will be staying with. Occasionally they may also be asked to go with someone to an appointment.

At present we have some funding from charitable foundations, and are also supported by loans and donations – clothes, toys and other donations in kind. DASH is in need of more funding to support its work, and if you can assist us in any way we would be most grateful.
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We do hope that you will consider supporting DASH. You will be offering a lifeline to someone who has nowhere else to turn, and helping them to stay mentally and physically healthy.

DASH offers a hosting service for asylum seekers and new refugees who are without accommodation. This can be long term and the longest staying client was with us for just over two years. However, the call for hosting has been much reduced recently as we seem to have managed the situation so that we are now only seeing people on an individual basis whereas before we were mopping up problems with clients who had been around for years.

Hosts are asked to provide an evening meal, or the opportunity for their guest to cook for themselves. Typically, a guest would arrive in the early evening, and leave the following morning at a time arranged to suit you. Guests are not normally allowed to stay in your home during the day. We will offer support to hosts by providing regular telephone contact and the opportunity to meet and talk to other hosts and volunteers in the organisation. All hosting which becomes more long term will be reviewed on a week by week basis.

At the moment, Kirklees Council has offered to take some Syrian refugees. It is likely that they will be families. The council has a duty to house families under safeguarding regulations, and so it is not likely that hosting will be required for these people.
However, there are a significant number of unaccompanied children already in the country and perhaps there will be more to come. They will be directed to the fostering service and if you feel able to foster a child please contact social services.